Escape Christmas overwhelm – the best present for you and your baby

‘Are you ready for Christmas then?’ – its like the ‘Where are you going on holiday?’ question at the hairdressers except we’ve been bombarded by it for the last month. A sneaky, encroaching pressure which has the potential to cause some serious overwhelm if we don’t take care of it. Clearly the answer to this question is a blithe and breezy ‘Oh near enough!’ – like you’ve barely thought about it and are going to float your way through the whole shenanigans (quick, pass the Prosecco!). Being the mother of a baby though, you have either a) been planning some crazy military style operation since September or b) are doing your best to ignore it or c) Somewhere between a and b. So anyway, its here and my lovelies I’d like to help you enjoy it – because there is joy to be had and definitely a glass of something bubbly.

The key to coping with the overwhelm is finding space, it is there if you look. Your baby is truly a gift at this time of year providing the perfect excuse to, well, be excused. House full of visitors? – A simple ‘I’m going to take her for a walk/bath/sleep/massage’ is the best excuse ever, and likely you’ll both need this respite – its not just you feeling the overwhelm. All those extra people wanting a cuddle of your baby, you need to protect your little one from overwhelm too. In this oasis you can breathe….take five minutes to really breathe, long breath out equals long breath in…easy. And your baby will tune in to your relaxation. You are helping them regulate their little body as well as your own. If you are away from home provide fixed points of relaxation/down time; little cues which act as punctuation to the day and will help you and your baby feel less discombobulated by the Christmas madness…because of course, all your baby really wants for Christmas is YOU! (*cue Mariah Carey!).

Now go and treat yourself to a glass of something delicious and enjoy the season, knowing you can dip out at any time.

Happy Christmas! Love Miranda xx

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