‘Thriving Mothers’ – one day retreats

…And breathe! Ah….that’s better…..

As a mother you will have experienced some real highs and lows, it can be exhausting – we’ve been there and we know how you feel!

Sometimes you just need a bit of looking after and a chance to chat with others who get it.

When you come and spend the day at the Thriving Mothers retreat you will be completely looked after, food and drink provided in a relaxed welcoming space.

We’ll be celebrating the strength involved in being a mother, sharing some of the aspects of becoming a mum which you may have found harder than expected and also giving you a chance to develop some new skills.

On our retreat days discussions will focus on some of the common challenges such as dealing with exhaustion, or those difficult emotions such as anger and resentment which raise their head from time-to-time (let’s be honest, this happens to us all – but we can learn to deal with it positively!)

Our theme for the day on the 10th July is ‘Being the mother you want to be’ – this isn’t about ‘perfect’ (whatever that is) it is about what you embody and how you want to feel. Feeling good in your mother role, looking after yourself to look after your family.

Above all this day is for you to enjoy and take time out for yourself and *your baby (*some days are mums & babies).

We will have a variety of sessions throughout the day including:

You will come away from the day feeling nourished and replenished.

The sessions on their own are worth more than £150 to book privately, we are offering the day for just £85.

After the day there will be on-going connection via a private FB group where you can tap into my knowledge and expertise and continue to support each other.


We have chosen two beautiful locations to run these special days in, one in the centre of Cardiff in Bute Park Education Centre, the other is Coed Hills Arts Space nr St Hillary in the Vale (see here: http://coedweddings.co.uk/)

Who for?

In each location there will be on offer a day for mums with babies age 6wks to 6mths (babies attending) and one for mums of older babies/young children age 6mths+ (mums only)

How to book:

Book your place by going to the booking page on this website

Upcoming dates:

We will be announcing new dates for this in 2018, watch this space!