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You are in the right place if…

You are on a mission to be a Less Shouty Parent.

You KNOW how you want to parent but just keep getting tripped up by your own triggers.

You went to bed last night feeling drained and upset with the way you dealt with your child’s behaviour (again) and you’re worried about the impact this is having.

I’m Miranda, I’m a Parent Educator and The Less Shouty Mum. I help parents like you enjoy parenting again, minus the screaming matches.

After training with U.S. Parent Educator Bonnie Harris (Connective Parenting) to deliver her course ‘When Your Kids Push Your Buttons’ I had the idea to adapt the course so I could facilitate it online, making it accessible to busy parents – which is what I have for you here.

I know from my own experience that often, after totally ‘losing it’ with your kids what follows is that great sense of shame. The sense that you ‘should’ and do know better. The sense that you are somehow failing (note: you’re not). It’s this sense of shame that can keep us stuck and prevent us from seeking help.

That’s where this course comes in, because it doesn’t have to be like that.

Here is your help.

Imagine really enjoying time together with your child instead of constantly getting annoyed with them.

Imagine feeling in control even in the face of your child’s outbursts.

Imagine knowing how to maintain your authority in a calm, connecting way.

That is what this course enables you to do and it’s life-changing.

But don’t just take my word for it, here is what my clients have to say

Anna’s testimonial

Jenny’s testimonial

About the Course

The course is an active process, do the work and you’ll get results. Just one hour a week over the 8 weeks is realistic, that’s a small amount of time for a big change.

The course builds over 8 weeks where you have access to the weekly video content and an accompanying workbook. You also have access to live discussion and Q&A help from me in our private Facebook group, so you don’t have to do this on your own.

By the end of the course you can expect to be parenting differently, with less shouting and more connection, this course really can change your family life for the better.
Bonnie Harris’ book ‘When Your Kids Push Your Buttons’ (upon which the course is based) is available here.

Access the course now:

You can get the whole 8 week course NOW for just £85 (price inclusive of live qualified support).

When Your Kids Push Your Buttons

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Is this course for all parents or just mothers?

It’s for anyone identifying as a parent who feels they would benefit

What age children is this best suited to?

Toddlers to teens, though all relationships will benefit.

My child is non-neurotypical, how will this work for us?

The course addresses what YOU do (thoughts/behaviour), this will then positively affect your interactions with your child.

It’s going to be the school holidays, can I really fit it in?

YES – It’s accessible online, if you’re somewhere without internet connection then simply catch up when you’re back. You can print up the workbook and have it in hard copy. IT WILL HELP YOU DURING THE HOLIDAYS.

Do I have to join the facebook group?

No, but it will be immensely valuable for you to do so for support and extra info.

Any other questions? Do get in touch.

Ready to start? Let’s do this.

When Your Kids Push Your Buttons

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