Trapped with a sleeping baby on you? Need to transfer them to bed? Here’s how:

Trapped with a sleeping baby on you? Need to transfer them to bed? Here’s how:

Your gorgeous baby has snuggled up after a feed and decided that right on top of you is exactly the place to go for a sleep. They are right of course, they are working with years of evolution so this makes total sense. However that’s not terribly helpful information when you need to go to the loo, or avoid falling asleep yourself on the sofa (not a ‘safe sleep’ position). But you just KNOW that if you move, they will wake up – so you’re trapped, contemplating the intricate ways in which you can manoeuvre out of this situation. What the f**k can you do? How do you do it WITHOUT WAKING THE BABY? FFS!!

Here are some sneaky tips which may help:

Tip 1 – Wait for the ‘heavy arm’ stage of their sleep, this indicates they are in deep sleep and are less likely to wake when you move them.

Tip 2 – Make their cot/moses basket as cosy as possible (within safe-sleeping guidelines see, think womb-to-world e.g. warm it with a hot-water bottle (don’t leave it in), have a muslin cloth/bedding in there which smells of you, have ‘white noise’ to reassure.

Tip 3. When you do move, keep them close to you and then lower them very gently, bottom first onto their bed.

Tip 4. You may find that your baby sleeps more deeply after they have had a massage or bath, both of these activities provide stimulation (which can be tiring) and also a calming effect – the soothing strokes of massage or the gentle warmth of the bath echoing womb-like conditions.

Useful tips? What are your suggestions? For more information on baby sleep, massage and life with a new baby come and join me on one of my baby massage courses, available in Cardiff

Love Miranda xx

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