Why I’m offering two free places on each baby massage course.

Why I’m offering two free places on each baby massage course.

When I was a parent first time around I was living in London, I had a good job but London being London maternity leave soon left me counting my pennies. I’d saved up to be able to stay off work for longer, acutely aware that this wasn’t even a vague possibility for many. There were free courses and classes to dip into but invariably they were a bit lacking and run in venues I didn’t really want to spend my time in. Other privately run courses came with recommendations but cost was always an issue and I had to be careful where my money was going so chose carefully. Ultimately I was fortunate and had choice but it made me realise the huge inequality in access to good quality services for new parents. Some people have no choice.

As a new parent you deserve to have a chance to tap into a support network, make friends, gain new practical experiences with your baby and have the opportunity to discuss issues with a well-trained practitioner. It can be the difference between feeling emotionally well and struggling to keep your head up.

I’d like my baby massage courses to be accessible to all new parents, regardless of income. I’ve struggled with this for some time and if I’m honest, not really done much about it. So now I’ve come up with a simple solution. I will offer two places per course entirely free of charge to whoever wants them, no questions asked. This will be on a first-come, first served basis. If you are interested in taking one of these places simply get in touch, if I have the space its yours. All I ask is your commitment to the course.

For those who can pay, please know that your investment in the course means that I am able to make this offer and provide a good quality experience for everyone.

To book a place on the next baby massage course please go to the booking page here

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