What do you actually do?

What do you actually do?

I get asked this question from time to time and it’s easy to answer with a list of the courses I run but that wouldn’t really answer the question.

In my social media bio I’ve summed it up with the sentence: ‘Bringer of calm, clarity and confidence to new parents’

Transformative experiences happen in the spaces I hold.

Right-o, that sounds a bit errr, far out, so what do I mean?

I’ll give you some examples. As a facilitator it is not only my job to know the subject I’m teaching but also to be aware of where my clients are up to and listen actively and responsively to the questions/fears/doubts which may lie beneath their surface questions. A recent client question about the monitoring of contractions and baby’s heartbeat in labour revealed (after some gentle follow-up questions from me) that the client had a complete lack of trust in her body…’I don’t trust my body’ was the exact phrase she used. If I were merely delivering a presentation of information then this client would have never had the opportunity to go deeper into what was ultimately going to help her prepare for labour and birth. This conversation was transformative for her and her partner and instead of focusing on what a monitor may or may not tell them during labour they were able to change the focus back to her and how to support her labour.

In baby massage class I had a client marvel at the wonderful interaction she was having with her baby during the massage, she had the sudden realisation that she didn’t really spend much time just enjoying her baby skin-to-skin in this way ‘They’re always dressed and doing things’ she declared – which then prompted a discussion about how recent generations of babies are the least held, least touched as there are so many things which interrupt this; we then explored the impact this could have for relationships and development. Those parents went away feeling more confident in their ability to care for their babies.

So this is what I do.

It’s never ‘just’ an antenatal course, postnatal course or baby massage – it’s more than that. I love the transformational aspect of my work and know it contributes to parents feeling calmer, clearer and more confident.

Check out the ‘courses’ page for more info.

Bye for now,

Miranda x

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